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Iconic LA Locations: The Top Wedding Venues in the City of Angels by Nexa Events

Los Angeles, celebrated as the "City of Angels," is globally admired for its glamour, cinematic heritage, and captivating beauty. It's not just a hub for celebrities and dreamers but also for those dreaming of an iconic wedding backdrop. With a diverse range of venues, from sun-kissed beaches to historic estates, Los Angeles offers something for every couple. Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after wedding venues in the city.

1. The Oviatt Penthouse – An Art Deco Gem Perched atop the Oviatt Building, this penthouse is a relic of the roaring twenties. It exudes Old Hollywood charm with its Lalique glass doors, imported Italian terra cotta, and a rooftop that grants panoramic city views. This venue is not just about aesthetics; it's a journey through time, perfect for those in love with vintage elegance.

2. Greystone Mansion & Park – Timeless Sophistication Situated in Beverly Hills, the Greystone Mansion offers more than just its classic European architecture. Spanning 18.3 acres, its gardens, cascading waterfalls, and historic charm make it a favorite amongst the elite, having graced countless movies and TV shows.

3. Malibu Rocky Oaks – Vineyards with a View Set atop the Santa Monica Mountains, this estate marries the charm of vineyards with captivating aerial views. The Tuscan-style villa, amidst sprawling vineyards, offers sunsets that leave guests spellbound.

4. The Ebell of Los Angeles – A Historic Landmark The Ebell is an architectural masterpiece, seamlessly blending the 19th-century charm with modern amenities. Its grand ballroom, intricate designs, and an illustrious theater provide a rich canvas for any wedding theme.

5. Terranea Resort – Coastal Elegance Terranea is more than a resort; it's a coastal haven on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. With views of the Pacific Ocean, manicured gardens, and luxurious ballrooms, it encapsulates the essence of a dreamy coastal wedding.

6. Vibiana – Downtown’s Divine Venue From being a cathedral to a sought-after event space, Vibiana's journey mirrors LA's blend of history and modernity. With towering ceilings and baroque interiors, it's a space that transforms as per your vision.

7. The Los Angeles Athletic Club – Vintage Vibes This club celebrates LA’s sporting legacy. The plush interiors, combined with a rich sporting history, make it a unique pick for couples looking for an essence of old-world charm.

8. Wayfarers Chapel – Architectural Marvel Nestled amidst redwoods and overlooking the Pacific, this glass chapel, designed by Lloyd Wright, offers a serene ambiance. It's a venue where nature, architecture, and spirituality converge.

9. The London West Hollywood – Rooftop Romance The panoramic views of LA's skyline, including the iconic Hollywood sign, make this venue a top pick for urban couples. Its chic ambiance, combined with unparalleled hospitality, sets the tone for a modern romantic affair.

10. The Paramour Estate – Bohemian Luxury Situated in Silver Lake, this venue marries bohemian vibes with opulence. The eclectic interiors, surrounded by lush gardens, offer a panorama of the city, making it an artsy yet luxurious pick.

Essential Considerations:

  • Budget: LA offers opulence but also treasures hidden gems that won't strain your finances. Always account for hidden costs when finalizing your venue.
  • Guest Count: Be it an intimate gathering or a grand soiree, ensure your venue choice accommodates your guests comfortably.
  • Theme and Vibe: From rustic vineyards to grand mansions, select a venue that echoes your personal style and wedding vision.
  • Logistics: LA's traffic is legendary. Consider the commute, accessibility, and parking when making your choice.

Planning the Perfect LA Wedding

Los Angeles, with its year-round sunshine and diverse locales, seems tailor-made for weddings. However, the city's vastness can also present a planning challenge. From selecting the season to hiring the right vendors, every choice plays a pivotal role in determining the success of your big day.

Understanding LA's Seasons

While LA enjoys a Mediterranean climate, each season has subtle differences that can influence your wedding:

  • Spring: Characterized by mild temperatures and blooming flora, this is an excellent time for garden or outdoor weddings. Venues like Greystone Mansion come alive with natural beauty.

  • Summer: While beach weddings at places like Terranea Resort are popular, remember that LA can get hot. Consider evening weddings or ensure shaded areas for guests.

  • Fall: With cooler temperatures and vineyards turning a golden hue, venues like Malibu Rocky Oaks become even more enchanting.

  • Winter: While LA winters are mild, venues with indoor options, like The Ebell, are wise choices for this season.

Selecting the Right Vendors

Los Angeles, being an entertainment hub, boasts some of the best talents in every domain:

  • Photographers: LA is home to many renowned photographers familiar with local venues. They can capture your day against the city's most iconic backdrops.

  • Caterers: The city's diverse culinary scene means you can offer guests a gourmet experience. Whether you're looking for traditional fare or fusion food, there's a chef for every palate.

  • Decor and Design: From Hollywood-style glam to beach-themed decor, local designers know how to enhance a venue's natural charm.

  • Entertainment: Whether you dream of a live band playing classics or a DJ spinning the latest hits, LA's vibrant music scene has you covered.

Navigating LA's Logistics

The sprawling cityscape means logistics can be tricky:

  • Transportation: Given LA's infamous traffic, it's wise to arrange transportation for your guests, especially if they're from out of town.

  • Accommodations: Consider proximity when booking hotels or guest accommodations. LA's varied neighborhoods each have their charm, but staying close to the venue ensures convenience.

  • Permits: Some LA venues, especially public spots like beaches or parks, may require permits. Ensure all paperwork is in order well in advance.

Incorporating Local Flair

To make your wedding uniquely LA:

  • Hollywood Glam: Consider a red-carpet entrance or hiring a local celebrity impersonator for guest entertainment.

  • Local Favors: Gifts like mini bottles of California wine or Hollywood-themed memorabilia can add a local touch.

  • Venue History: If your venue has a rich history or has been featured in films, integrate that into your theme or share the tidbits during the ceremony.


Each venue's unique charm promises to make your special day memorable. As you embark on this journey, remember that your love story gets its backdrop at the venue. It's where memories are crafted, stories are woven, and love is celebrated grandly. An LA wedding is as enchanting as it is complex. However, with the proper planning, guidance, and an understanding of what the city offers, your wedding can be as iconic as Los Angeles itself. Let every choice, from the venue to the decor, resonate with the city's spirit, making your wedding an event and a landmark in your love story.

For personalized assistance and to ensure every detail of your LA wedding planning is flawless, Nexa Events is at your service, ensuring your day is nothing short of cinematic perfection.